How to find the best domestic helper insurance in Singapore


For taking a maid insurance policy, you may find it easy to contact the maid agency. They, on your behalf, select different options of policy and suggest you pick one. But the suggestion made by the agency may not always be beneficial for you. So you should know all about domestic helper insurance Singapore for making the right choice.

Not going as per the sayings of maid agency can save you a lot of money and time. You can save time by searching for insurance online and applying it directly. For agency insurance, you have to take a couple of rounds for the insurance policy to finalize. You can save money by cutting the commission of intermediaries from between and paying the amount directly.

Getting the best domestic helper insurance can be a tough choice, especially if it’s your first time to keep a maidservant. You are already under the pressure of losses and threats that you might face if he/she is the wrong person. The danger increases more if there are children or senior citizens at your home. So it becomes essential to pick the right insurance plan to reduce some of the pressure.

There are two types of maid insurance concerning the duration of the scheme. It can be of 14 months or 26 months. If you are unsure of the plan and whether it will benefit you or your maid, you can opt for a 14-month plan. However, 26-month is more economical and is comparatively cheaper; it also offers a lot of discounts. The second option will be more appropriate for you if the cost is your primary factor. To explain to you in detail, we have categorized the insurance plan into three categories based on coverage and price.

  • Basic tier- This is a cost-conscious option for you. If you have a limited budget and do not mind compromising with less coverage, this can be a good option. The coverage you get here is much less compared to the expensive insurance plan. The preliminary plan starts with 260 dollars for 26 months, and if seen month on a wise basis, its just 10 dollars per month.
  • Mid-tier- The mid-tier insurance plan is the best policy that provides full value for money at a budgeted rate. The average payment amount you have to pay as a premium is 320 dollar for 26 months, and if you see on per month basis its 12.30 dollars. It provides broader coverage in less amount of compensation that is why it is mostly chosen. If your foreign maidservant falls ill and gets admitted into a hospital, she will be unable to work. To compensate for the loss, you will be provided 30 dollars per day as wage compensation. Apart from the settlement, all the medical bills will also be reimbursed.
  • Top-tier- The top tier has the highest coverage and assists in the most part by giving higher payouts. This top-tier plan has a premium of 360 dollars for 26 months, 14.40 dollars per month. If you do not want to be under any loss, especially loss from theft, you should consider a policy with great payouts.

Choose the best coverage for the policy.

Maid insurance policy is differentiated from the amount of additional benefit they provide with their policy. The other services can be outpatient treatment coverage, hospital recovery, and liability coverage for losses against theft. Analyze the threats from before so that you know what protection you require. It helps to find the best plan for you.

Hospital coverage

As you are responsible for your maid’s health and losses, you will have to bear all the medical charges of your maid on her behalf. You will have to pay for all the medical bills from your pocket. You can save yourself from incurring such losses by taking domestic helper insurance, which provides general coverage of 60,000 dollars against personal accident and 15000 dollars against hospitalization expenses. However, they do not offer reimbursement for outpatient treatment and day surgery. For that, you need to take add on. Some health insurance also differentiates themselves by covering Chinese doctor treatment. Nevertheless, most of them do not substitute for pre-existing disease, childbirth, injury from sport, and STD’s.

Personal Liability and third party liability coverage

If you are scared about your family’s health and expensive valuable at your home, you need a policy that provides coverage for lawsuits and theft. The general type of liability coverage that you get in an insurance policy is third party liability coverage. This liability coverage reimburses the losses caused by your maid’s act to a third party or their property. Sometimes the loss can be tremendous and can involve legal action; the insurance policy saves you from the standard charges. The liability coverage can also benefit if you have elders or children at home. It can help if they are under possible abuse.

In general other than medical coverage and legal coverage, you get coverage against replacement fees in case you have to hire a new one, theft lead by your maid, support for your helper’s belongings, hospitalization coverage. However, you will not receive the claim amount if you have committed false action by killing, harming, injuring your foreign domestic helper intentionally or you are claiming the amount for the wrong person.


You are responsible for helping out your maid in a difficult time, not just because it is said by the MOM but also for the sake of humanity. There is a lot of risks that need coverage, so it best to secure them with insurance. If you need security in life, you should also consider the best critical illness insurance for ensuring your health against critical illness. If you take the maid insurance, try to choose one that provides maximum coverage even though a cheap policy can be tempting. It gives you more benefits in the future comparing to the cheap one.

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