Best Tourist Attractions in Asia


Asia is the world’s largest continent. With over 44.58 million kilometers squared area, the place also has a total population of over 4.463 billion. It is the home of the world’s largest cities which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Tehran, Bangkok, Osaka, Beijing, Manila, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, and Delhi.

Given its size and diversity, Asia is also full of treasures and delight. With hundreds of unique attractions and interesting cultures, it was recorded that millions of people all over the world travel to these places every year; consequently, this has added value to the growing economy in the place. To cope up with the demands of these tourists, leading sectors in each country decided to also expand their resources, ensure security, and offer affordable prices to attract more customers. As an example, Drukair is one of the leading airlines in Asia that offers budget-friendly ticket prices; to know more about the details regarding their services, visit

And as being said, Asia is full of surprises, and for those who are seeking adventure and planning to find discoveries, listed below are some of the best attractions found in the said continent.

The Temples of Angkor in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia that is well-known for its plains and great rivers. This also has various temples for which each of them was built as a shrine dedicated to their gods. To be specific, the capital city of the Empire Khmer called Angkor has over 9 temples which include Angkor Wat, Bayon, BanteaySrei, Ta Prohm Temple, Phnom Bakheng, Baphuon, Pre Rup, Ta Som, and BanteaySamre to represent the great Mount Meru. This said the mountain was believed to be the Mount Olympus for the Hindu faith and the abode of their ancient gods.

And since these structures have long been standing since the 9th and 15th centuries, the walls of each temple were now grown with moss and enormous trees. Also, since tons of earthquakes have surpassed these places, some of their areas are now demolished which results in their Indian Jones vibe.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the best representations of how amazing China is. This attraction was built last 2,300 years ago under the governance of the First Emperor of Qin for the main purpose of prevention from invasion and protection of the Silk Road trade.Unfortunately, similarly to the great Pyramids in Egypt, this was built with force by the slaves, soldiers, rebels, and peasants. As a punishment, these people were separated from their families to create the walls manually with the use of brick, sand, soil, and stone. However, in the process of creating this wall, hundreds of people died due to hard work, lack of resources, and insufficient protection from cold. This has given more meaning to the attraction because comprehending it deeper it was the tears, sweat, and blood that made the wall strong.

The Philosopher’s Path in Japan

Japan is one of the most unique places in Asia. With its great history and interesting culture, it is unquestionable why millions of people tend to visit it every time. As an example, Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path has become well-known to tourists because of its aesthetics and euphoric-love vibe. The name for this attraction came from one of the most famous Japanese philosopher named Nishida Kitaro. He was said to meditate while having a walk along this route.The path follows a canal that is lined with hundreds of cherry trees. Every spring season, these trees bloom their flowers which adds more color to the surrounding. And based on what Nishida Kitaro experienced, the attraction does gives calmness and relaxation to the people.


For some traveling is an escape from what the reality brings, while for the others, it is what reality should be. It is also a good way for people to relax, unwind, find new places, savor new delicacies, and know more ideas regarding the culture of other groups. From a traveler’s perspective, people should not only live in other to survive but should also live a life of adventure and discovery.

Asia is a good place for people who wanted to start their journey since it is composed of hundreds of cities and attractions. From the Great Wall in China to the Temple of Emerald Buddha in Thailand, people will surely be able to find their perfect spots and fill their eyes with astonishments. Thankfully, people who travel no longer need to spend a huge amount of money because institutions like Drukair offer affordable traveling necessities such as plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food from local restaurants. And for those who are planning on checking other places, visit to know about their budget-friendly sales on plane tickets.

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