6 Typical-Singaporean Things That Singaporeans Do Overseas


Singaporeans of all age group always desire to travel abroad. Many people who have traveled abroad explained it as most exciting and memorable moment of their traveling life. Abroad traveling is done for many different purposes, while some people go to get experience the natural beauty of the country. Some people travel abroad for business purposes, whatever your reason for traveling abroad, proper planning is must essential to prevent any problems and confusion throughout your course of the journey. Below we have discussed some unique traits that are with the Singaporeans when they travel abroad.

Looking Out For Sales

Singaporeans are driven by the saying “To get the best deals on products, you have to shop smartly”. Catching the best deals on products as they are released can help to save so much while shopping. Now you can find such deals easily by looking into portals that offer discounts on the most popular brands in the industry. If you are seeking such deals from the various markets, Singaporeans will be looking out for the sales where there are discounts to catch the hottest offers on the market.

Every deal is open for a specific period, so if you want to catch a good deal, you need to select it before it lapses. They always keep a lookout for the time left for a particular deal so that you use it before its time lapses. When comparing deals, they check out how much money can be saved in each offer so that they can select an optimal one.


First of all, Singaporeans are up on toes to learn of the trend and the market situation in the places they visit. They simply do this to reasonably bargain on the products they want to buy. They are very resourceful as to where to get this kind of information, such as researching online or websites. These sources give them valuable information on how to approach the seller and also learn about the bargain price. Multiple listings on the products they are interested in give them a chance to have the bargaining power.

Another smart move they use is to withhold their excitement. Mostly most of them don’t show a lot of interest in buying the product so that they can catch the eye of the seller. They try not to give in early so that they may win the “battle” by doing this the seller will be left helpless and mostly give in.

Joining the queue

Going on vacation for a Singaporean means a lot and a tradition that is wierd trends when we meet people in a queue. For no apparent reason we find ourselves joining in a queue that we are not even sure where it is leading to, maybe we feel happy to belong. Being part of something is something inseparable for the Singaporeans.

Speaking Singlish

Singaporeans English accent is not one of the best and thus temptation to speak in Singlish always haunts its members.Because of the difficulty in trying to keep up with English speaking, Singaporeans find it easy to talk in Singish. Due to the language barrier, other tourists from other nations like America and Europe find it difficult to communicate with somebody from Singapore.

Photographing The Food Before Eating

Taking photos of food has become a favourite past time for many Singaporeans. Most people have some camera on them at all times and if they happen to be about to experience a culinary delight, can’t help taking a picture of it. Whether you are traveling, or just out at a fabulous local restaurant, there are always opportunities to take photos of delicious food to savor the memories later. Unfortunately, most amateur photographers have taken pictures of their meals that turn out to be completely unappetizing when viewed on their computers at a later date.

Light plays a big role in how well the photos turn out. As a rule, natural light is always the best light for photography, and food photography is no exception to this rule. If you can, take advantage of the natural light that is available. This could mean that you try to always sit beside a bright window or outside on a patio. The use of a flash will not give you the results that you hope for, but if you must use a flash, try to bounce the light off a wall or the ceiling to soften the light. Remember, though, that if you are eating in an expensive restaurant, continual use of a flash is likely to disturb other diners and ruin the atmosphere, and not likely to be a popular choice.

Free WiFi

Free wifi is a good option for budget net browsing and keeping dynamically in touch especially when you are traveling. It is offered in wide range of places which provides you as a traveler the comfort to use your phone or laptop in the net. This behavior of finding free WiFi is adverse with Singaporeans who need it to upload or conduct other business for free. For Singaporeans overseas, for every pit stop, they ask for free WiFi whether in restaurants, shopping malls, and other tourist destinations.

As a perfect way to stay safe as Singaporean overseas it advisable for you to take up travel insurance. Other than missed flights, it can cover bungled connections and illness. When there are canceled trips, delays, or even interruptions, this can be used as a safeguard for financial loss. For travel policies, despite their variations, they include baggage loss and flight insurance, accident, sickness, and financial protection in the event of trip interruption and delay. The best policies also come with medical evacuation, a feature rarely offered by conventional health insurance plans.

When it comes to the cost, this is because one or more airplanes or helicopters are used to retrieve the sick traveler.In case of a robbery, they can help in dealing with local police, expediting the replacement of a stolen passport and canceling stolen credit cards, as well as assisting with language problems. Other things they can do is direct travelers to the right source for replacing airline tickets, provide a list of Singlish speaking lawyers, and instruct travelers on getting money transferred.

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