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opening ceremonyThey were five in 1994 to venture into building the Zonzons company. Today, the team consists of about twenty people, including artists, technicians, costume designers, decorators, authors. They all share the wish to make the puppet Guignol better known, mixing tradition with modernity. Guignol personifies the freedom of speech, between pertinence and impertinence. Thanks to the Zonzons Company, Guignol will be at the opening ceremony of Bobcatsss 2016. Be ready to laugh!

exhibitionOn Wednesday evening, end your day on a cultural note by assisting to the inauguration of the exhibition « Table simulation #00, #01 », by French contemporary artist Aurélie Pétrel. The inauguration will start at enssib at 5:30 PM and all the BOBCATSSS participants are invited.

“Aurélie Pétrel interrogates the photographic image, its production modes, its (re)presentation and installations activation. Implementing the « photographic score » notion, the artist impels an extended written work in both space and time, where every shot is meaningful and refers to a material creation « to look for ». To Aurélie Pétrel, this motion photographic gesture arises in a similar logic to the way experience and thought can be linked together. It requires a vivid conscience looking for possible ways to « activate » the shots, as encounters and situations occur. Underlying as digital files or hidden prints in Phibox, these are transposed into a 3D scale when the moment comes, so the artist operates a transfer from a flat surface to volume and architecture.

The disposals conceived by Aurélie Pétrel assimilate the space to a genius construction game where architecture participates in a multi-layered visual experience. Since her earliest compositions (landscapes or urban furniture pieces, industrial buildings, interior scenes…), architecture has always played the part of an omnipresent subject. Interacting as the defining and structuring tool, it builds an experimental and visibility path for the visitor. But by connecting the image between the activation supporting system and the exhibition space, architecture brings indecision along, blurring the limitations between subject, object and environment.exibition

In September 2015, after dismantling the exhibition and for the mini-festival celebrating the end of the Relief(s) cycle, Aurélie Pétrel reinvests her disposal by replacing her imprints with the works collection at the Turbulences-Frac Centre. The second activation step, « Table simulation #2 » summarizes 8 months of collaboration and shootings, in the form of impressions on various supports and prints, made « visible » on all plans or conserved in archive boxes, prefiguring a combinatorial and performative principle.

The artist’s interest for language, practices and museographical conventions is reflected in several series of images, capturing the change of work states, from the warehouse to the gallery, the furnitures plan to the picture rail, and finally going backwards. The warehouse, latent space for the collection, where the material activations originate from and result in, constitutes a paradigmatic location just as an interventions stage. The Frac team played along with the process: making the 10 pieces of the collection visible and activated for a shooting session. Moving and opening the boxes by the location manager, manipulating the works and examining them by the collection manager and commissioners so that this becomes a complete choreography where process, gesture and expertise interweave.”

(Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou and Aurélien Vernant. Translated from french to english by Galerie Houg. Extract from the exhibition press pack.)


library visitsTo enjoy the city before spending two full days of conference, and because BOBCATSSS is both science and fun, our social program team have arranged for you group visits to the many libraries of Lyon.

As Lyon is France’s third-largest city and a major cultural centre, there are plenty to visit with the many universities and museums located in Lyon. The Public Library of Lyon is also one of the largest in Europe.

The library staff will guide you through the visits, from bookshelves to architecture, from books to computers.

Each tour consist of guided visits in two different libraries on Wednesday 27 in the afternoon, after the opening ceremony.

Note that all the meeting points are in front of the building of the first visit. A member of the BOBCATSSS staff will be here to meet you and escort you to the second library visit.

Read the program here, and dont’t forget your registration!


dinner & partyOn Thursday night, it’s time for the traditional BOBCATSSS party! This year, we invite you to the Transbordeur, one of the most famous concert halls in Lyon, located just by enssib. And it’s open to everyone, just bring your invitation and your conference badge!

TransboThe event combines two evening atmosphere: first, a classy one to meet up, chat, eat and warm up. The music will be provided by Swingin’Lyon 3, an association of ten musicians, students and staff of the University Lyon 3. To accompany the buffet and heat the dancers, Swingin’Lyon 3 will play famous jazz and swing classics.

The second part of the evening will be hosted by DJ Harry Cover, specialized in musical performances and will make you rediscover the best tubes of the history of music in surprising versions, until 1:30 AM.

Doors open at 7:00 PM!

Transbordeur access:

  • Address: 3 Boulevard de Stalingrad, 69100 Villeurbanne
  • Bus C2, C26, 70: Cité Internationale – Transbordeur
  • Bus C1, C4, C5: Cité Internationale – Centre des congrès.
  • Vélo’v station in front of the concert hall

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