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Henri Lemaître Room
Jorge Luis Borges Room Suzanne Briet Room
Eugène Morel Room
8:30 am – 9:15 am Keynote: Päivikki Karhula on PrivacyPaivikki Karhula
9:15 am – 10:30 am Poster session (3×5 min)1. BOISSY Archive : an innovative project which seeks to develop the reflection on text-markup standard to enhance research in French eighteenth century theatre. Joséphine Loterie

2. Accessible safe Internet for children: project of Russian libraries. Elena Kolosova, Alexandra Gubanova

3. Syrtis: New Perspectives for Semantic Web Adoption. Joffrey Decourselle

Paper session (2×20 min)

1. Open Science as a Service: Status and future potential from a German non-university research perspective. Regina Schmitt, Jana Rumler

2. The Role of Social Factors in the Design of Information Systems and Services for Open Data. Danielle Pollock, Suzie Allard

Paper session (3×20 min)1. A Comparative Analysis of the State of Intellectual Freedom in the United States and Israel as Judged Against IFLA’s FAIFE Committee Standards. Emily Metcalf
2. Information values in conflict: How libraries navigate occasions of dissonance between freedom of information and the right to privacy. Winn Wasson

3. Is the library a true reflection of information’s democracy? Patricia Nobilet

WorkshopHow tablets can help children with learning disabilities. Hésione Guémard WorkshopIntellectual freedom versus internet providers. Bastiaan van Wijk, Colin Takken, Tang Yujie, Irene Ensing, Elena Dramova
 9:15 am – 10:30 am Council meeting EUCLID (at Enssib Library)
10:30 am – 11:00 am Coffee break
11:00 am – 12:15 am Poster session (3×5 min)1. Libraries, Pornography, and the Internet: An Evolving Conversation. Annabella Irvine2. The Panoptic Principle and Information Access in UK Public Libraries. Elaine Robinson

3. Intellectual freedom and censorship in Norwegian public libraries. Lili Shakhsi

Paper session (2×20 min)

1. Libraries on the Semantic Web: Finding new professional ways and implement them to the benefits of citizens. Márton Németh

2. Towards Better Social Learning: Contributions from Sentiment Analysis. Jihad Al-Ansari


Paper session (3×20 min)1. Censorship in the School Library: four reasons to consider and some ideas to promote Intellectual Freedom. Carla Ollé

2. Public libraries as tools for democracy. Svanhild Aabo, Ragnar Audunson

3. Youth as Citizen? : Libraries and Youth Civic Engagement. Jeanie Austin

WorkshopThe Declaration of Lyon, an international tool for a local action? Laure Papon-Vidal, Julie Palomino, Camille Delaune, Razzouq Amzil, Sandhia Vasseur, Sarah Guinet WorkshopBe an Open Scientist. Ina Blümel
12:15 pm – 1:15 am Lunch time
1:15 pm – 2:30 pm Poster session (3×5 min)1. Design thinking for libraries – Libdesign project. Pavla Minaříková, Roman Novotný

2. The Search that Dare Not Speak Its Name: LGBT Information and Catalog Records. Jessica Colbert

3. Lubuto Libraries : Exemplars of The Potential of Youth Libraries in Promoting Democratic Ideals. Emily Purcell, Thomas Mukonde, Kimberly Stelter

Paper session (2×20 min)

1. Mobile library service in Baranya County. László Csobán, Fruzsina Farkas, Zsófia Pajor

2. Target Groups and Activities- a Survey of Six Swedish Public Libraries use of Facebook. Emmelie Ernsth, Johanna Svensson

Paper session (3×20 min)1. Student’s information needs in democratic society and the role of public libraries. Robert Janus

2. Citizen Scholarship using Web 2.0 Tools in Library and Information Science Journals. Kendra Albright, Theo Bothma

3. Disseminating knowledge beyond scholarly journals: coverage of Library and Information Science literature in Wikipedia. Aida Pooladian, Angel Borrego

WorkshopFacebook, WhatsApp, what else? Hugo Blacquiere, Jessica Koerts, Jasper van Huizen, Daniil Naumetc, Young Mu Chang WorkshopData curator: who is she/he? Anna Maria Tammaro, Terry Weech, Krystyna Matusiak, Heidi Kristin Olsen, Ana Pervan
2:30 pm – 3:45 pm Poster session (3×5 min)1. Video Streaming in Academic Libraries: Enabling Participation in a Democratic Society. Rebecca Ciota, Emily Hardesty

2. To offer ebooks in libraries: a way to break down physical barriers to knowledge and culture. Rafael Peregrina, Aurélie Vieux, Stéphanie Pouchot, Benoît Epron

3. “I Go There If I Feel Welcome”: Use of Czech Libraries by Immigrants. Kateřina Nekolová, Petra Černohlávková

Paper session (2×20 min)

1. Legal deposit at the Sultanate of Oman: the Law of Press and Publications and it is role in building Omani culture democracy. Naifa Saleem

2. Promoting Democracy through Libraries: International Library Aid to Africa. Cailin Cullen

Paper session (2×20 min)1. The library as a stronghold of privacy in the digital age: a three-tier framework. Katharina Leyrer

2. Librarian’s Code of Ethics – Does It Help? Andris Krumins, Elina Sniedze, Linda Voropajeva

WorkshopTechnical Challenges to Privacy: Practical Training for Librarians. Monica Ihli WorkshopGovernmental documentation and open government in library: from transparency to empowerment. Mathilde Cussac, Giorgia Plachesi, Camille Espy, Mathilde Gaffet, Océane Chauvet, Marie Larochelle
3 :45 pm – 4 :15 pm Coffee break
4:15 pm – 5:00 pm Paper session (1×20 min)Democracy in the works council libraries. A case study: The Social Welfare Institutions for staff in the electrical and gas industries (CCAS – France). Giovanna MontanoPoster session (3×5 min)

1. Living Library in Reader Development. Judit Béres

2. Public libraries and e-democracy. Martina Vujnović, Martina Dragija Ivanović, Boris Badurina

3. How your library can help to set you free from mass-surveillance? Damien Belveze

4. The Role of Public Libraries in Communities Impacted by Natural Disasters. Lassere Monique


 Paper session (2×20 min)1. Film education and film preferences of the LIS students as important factors for the development of diverse film collections. Laura Grzunov, Barbara Konjevod, Mirko Duić

2. Do Erasmus students have the same rights using library resources studying abroad? Julija Ingelevič, Jurgita Rudžionienė

WorkshopSuper-Open Librarians. Marie Latour, Myriam Gorsse, Adrien Malavasi, Pauline Laurent, Guillemette Trognot WorkshopAfripédia: rebalancing the access and the production of contents in Wikipédia. Emma Gagneux, Bridget Bowers, Nicolas Garcia, Axelle Beurel, Moussa Diouf, Colin Harkat, Valancia-Pamela Njalle-Engome
7 :00 pm Dinner & Party @ Le Transbordeur