BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium with themes relating to library and information science.

The symposium is held under the auspices of EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research) and is organized by students from at least two European universities.

This year, the 24th edition of Bobcatsss will take place in Lyon, France.


The first student symposium was held in 1993, through co-operation between universities from the following cities: Budapest, Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombathely and Sheffield.

In recent years, universities from other cities have also taken part in this project. These cities include Borås, Riga, Kharkov, Moscow, Tallinn, Torun, Warsaw, Sofia, Ljubljana, Krakow, Bratislava, Prague, Osjiek, Zadar, Berlin, Postupim, Porto and Parma.

BOBCATSSS is a student event intended for both local and foreign students, information specialists, professors, and people working in the fields of library and information science, education, and research.

The goal of Bobcatsss is to allow professionals and students to meet each other, share experiences, discuss the future of LIS, and much more.

This year, students from Lyon and Paris (France), as well as Knoxville (USA), are in charge of the congress. The 2016 conference will be the first time that a North American university has contributed to the organization of BOBCATSSS.

We hope this 24th edition of BOBCATSSS to be as good as always!